Refunding House Account Payments

By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


Revel now supports refunds on house account payments from your Revel Point of Sale.


  • Refunding House Account Payment on Point of Sale
  • Additional Information 

Refunding House Account Payments on POS

  • On the point of sale Dashboard, click customers:

  1. Search for the customer you’re refunding to:


  1. Under house accounts, select Outstanding Balance:


  1. Tap Payments to view payment history:

  1. Click Refund on the payment you are refunding:

  1. Confirm the amount to be refunded and click Refund:

  1. The refund will automatically show in this customers “Payment History” on the point of sale:

Additional Information

To use this functionality, please make sure your Revel Point of Sale is on version 2.31 or higher.

To update your Revel Point of Sale App, please carefully follow the steps for Updating your Revel POS App.

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