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Creating a Rewards and Loyalty Program

By Libby



Loyalty and Rewards programs are usually automatically enabled with Revel Systems. If you are unable to configure within the Management Console, please create a ticket with support to have this function enabled.

After your Rewards and Loyalty Program settings have been configured, the next step is to create the Reward Discounts for your program. To create a reward discount:

  1. From the Products tab, click the Discounts section:1.png
  2. From the Discounts home page, click +Add New Discount in the top right corner:discounthome1.png
  3. When the Discount details open, fill out the information for your discount.
    • Enter the Discount Name:discountname.png
    • Next, click the drop-down next to Discount Function and select Loyalty:discountfunction.png
    • Then, from the Rewards Type drop-down, choose which loyalty program will use this discount:rewardstype.png
  4. Select the reward type from the Discount Type drop-down. Selections include:
    • Amount: The item or order is discounted by a constant value
    • Percent: The item or order is discounted by a percentage
    • Re-Price: A new price is applied to the item
    • Alt-Price: The alternative price is used. This is configured on the item's Details page.discounttype.png
  5. In the Discount Amount field, enter the amount of the discount:discountamount.png
  6. Input the Points Needed for Redemption:pointsneeded.png
  7. You can select the Order Types that will qualify for the discount, use the drop-down menu to select as many types as you’d
  8. Enable Allow Automatic Loyalty Generation, select Manually Input Number, and enter the amount of digits for the reward
  9. Click Save in the top right corner to save your discount.

How Customers Earn Reward Points

Revel's rewards program allows you to choose how your customers can earn rewards points. The reward types are:

  • Visit: A customer receives one visit reward point every time the customer makes a purchase at the establishment.
  • Purchase: A customer receives points based on the total amount of the customer's purchase.
  • Item: A customer receives points based on the products purchased.

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