Refunding Tips Only from Point of Sale

By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


You can refund tips on an order without refunding any sale amount by following these steps.


Refunding Tips

    1. On your Revel Point of Sale, open the order you would like to refund tips for.
    2. Click Pay:

    3. The payment screen will open, then click Refund Payments:

    4. On the refund screen, set Refund Amount to 0.
    5. Make sure the Refund Tip option is active, then click Refund:

    6. You will see the changes immediately in the payment screen:

Viewing Reports

    1. In your Management Console ([yoursubdomain], navigate to Reports > Order History:

    2. Find the refunded order and open it by clicking anywhere on the order:

    3. Scroll down to Payments Section of the order. You’ll see the original payment in green and the refund in red:

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