Setting Up Product Cost and Dynamic Cost

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By default, product cost is calculated based on the amount entered in the cost field.  If you would like Revel to calculate product cost based on the sum total of your recipes and ingredients, you may want to use dynamic cost.


Selecting Your Costing Method

Dynamic Cost is the total cost of all counterpart ingredients in a product.  If you would like Revel to calculate cost based on the cost of your ingredients,  you must enable this feature in the Settings tab. If you would like Revel to calculate product cost based on the cost field, omit this step. 

  1. In the search bar, type Inventory. Check the box for Inventory Settings.

  2. Next, select the Use Ingredient Cost to Calculate Product Cost box. Enabling this feature will use the total ingredient cost to calculate the dynamic cost.

  3. Then click Save

Viewing Dynamic Cost

Before viewing Dynamic Cost, you must link recipes and ingredients to products. For more information, click here.

Under the Products tab, expand your category and subcategory. You will see the dynamic cost appear next to the product. 


If your dynamic cost is not correct, click the recipe icon to verify the recipe quantities. Make sure to click Save if changes are made. 



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