Reporting In the Point of Sale

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While you have comprehensive reporting features within your Management Console, you can also find some of the most important reports from your Point of Sale station, as well as set up email reports sent to you. Let's take a look at your reporting options from the Point of Sale!


Using the  Button

      1. Click the  icon from the dashboard of your Point of Sale:
      2. Enter your passcode to view reports:
      3. A drop-down will appear, select the report you'd like to view. Each report will appear in the top section of the screen:
      4. The reports you can view are:
        • Sales Summary
        • Hourly Sales
        • Product Mix
        • Labor

Using the Reports Button

From the Reports button on the Point of Sale, you can set up daily emails to be sent to you, as well as view the Payment Log and Sales Report.

    1. Click the Reports button from the home page of the Point of Sale station:
    2. The first two sections are to print or email the daily reports for Cash and Payments, click the email button or print button:
      • To receive daily emails, enter your email address in the space provided:
      • Click the print button to print the report to your network printer:
    3. Click the link for the Payment Log report, here you can have payments collected by all employees or by individual employee emailed to you or printed:
    4. Click the Sales Report link to view the details:
      • This report can be generated for a specific date range by clicking the Start and End links:
      • Include employees or all stations:
      • In the Options section, you can enable the data you want included in the report:
    5. Once you've made your report selections, click Generate at the top of the section. A preview of the report will show on the Point of Sale, and you can choose to have the report sent via email or printed out:

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