Manual Offline Mode on the Point of Sale

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If your payment processor is experiencing issues, you will still be able to take offline payments if the setting is enabled on your Point of Sale and provided that the integration between Revel and your payment processor supports this.


Manual Offline Mode

To ensure that you're ready to process offline payments:

  1. From the Point of Sale dashboard, tap the Settings button:

  2. Then, tap Payments.
  3. Next, enable the Accept Offline Credit Processing setting:

Offline Mode Limits

Once offline processing is turned on, you can set the following limits:

  1. Max Amount for Offline Payments: Maximum payment amount for a single payment that can be accepted while in offline mode. Payments that exceed this amount will not be accepted.
  2. Total Offline Payments May Not Exceed: Total payment amounts of offline transactions that can be stored on the Point of Sale at any given time. After exceeding this amount, the system will stop accepting offline payments.
  3. Total Declined Payments May Not Exceed: Limit for total allowed declined payments amount. If this amount is exceeded during a single business day, the system will stop accepting offline payments.


*Please note: In order to prevent data loss, please confirm your gateway/processor is back online before disabling this feature. If offline mode is turned off before the gateway/ processor is back on, you could risk losing your offline transactions. 

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