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You can upload multiple Matrix Inventory items using an Excel Spreadsheet. This makes creating your Matrix Inventory in the Management Console fast and easy. You can download the example spreadsheet below, or find it in your Management Console using the directions below. Let's take a look!

Download Example Sheet


Exporting a Product Matrix

  1. From the Product home page, select Import/Export from the bottom of the menu on the left:

  2. Select Products from the drop-down menu:

  3. Click the radio button next to Advanced:

  4. Click the plus sign in the Export Contents section and choose Matrix from the menu:

  5. Click Export.
    Warning: A SKU will be assigned if it has not already been done for each product. A warning pop-up will appear to confirm. If you want to manually input SKU numbers, please do so before exporting this file.
  6. Once the file has downloaded to your computer, open it and find column K and enter the following information:impmatrix_expmatrix.jpg
  7. Attribute type: Enter Parent, Child, or None for the type of attribute.
  8. Attribute parent: This is where you will name the parent attribute - this is an overall category for your matrix product. For example, Wings, which would then be split up into flavor attributes.
  9. Type your attributes in columns M through S on the spreadsheet and save to your computer.

Importing a Product Matrix

  1. Click the Choose File button in the Import section and select the file you just edited:

  2. Click the Import button. An email will be sent to you when the import is completed:

  3. Now, when you return to the Products tab, your matrix inventory will be listed.


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