Weighted Products

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If an item is marked as Sold by Weight, it can be sold on the Point of Sale per unit. The cost and price entered for the product should be the cost and price of a single unit. The Point of Sale will calculate the correct price once the quantity is entered during the sale.


Enabling Sold by Weight

To mark a product as Sold by Weight:

  1. On the Management Console, go to the Products tab.
  2. Find the product that is sold by weight. Click the icon in line with the product:

  3. Once in the product details, find the Sold by Weight field. Check the box. Then, enter the weight of the Tare if applicable:

  4. Finally, click Save.

Sold by Weight Products on the Point of Sale

  1. On the Point of Sale, open or create an order like normal.
  2. When you select an item that is sold by weight, the following window will appear:

  3. You can enter the weight manually or place the item on a synced scale.
  4. After the item is added, proceed with the order as usual.

Tracking Weighted Items in Inventory

If your sold by weight items are marked as Track in Inventory, this means the number of units sold on the Point of Sale will be subtracted from inventory.

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