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Auto Capture allows you to automatically accept all your credit card payments on the Point of Sale, without completing a manual batch. By setting up this feature, all tips must be entered before the auto capture time. 


General Requirments for the Point of Sale

  • Each iPad must have the Revel Point of Sale app open. Users are not required to be logged into the app.
  • Do not allow iPads to go to sleep before closing out at the end of the night. Pressing the power button (at the top of the iPad) once to turn the display black is actually putting the iPad to sleep.
  • Revel recommends NOT to use guided access if you use Auto Capture.
  • Revel recommends NOT to use a passcode to lock the iPad if using Auto Capture.

For complete details, view this article.

 Enabling Auto Capture

Auto Capture must first be enabled in the management console. Navigate to the Settings tab. Click Clear Selections, then enter Auto Capture 


Check the box for Auto Capture. Enter the auto capture time, then click Save.


Please refresh your Point of Sale to reflect these setting changes. 

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