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Custom Action Buttons on the Point of Sale

By Kelsey


With Revel's Custom Action Buttons, you can create a custom button on your Point of Sale. It will appear among the action buttons below the order and link to a web page of your choice.


Custom Action Button Settings

To configure a custom action button:

  1. On your Management Console ([yoursubdomain], go to the Settings tab.
  2. Then, click Clear Selections. In the search box type Custom Buttons. From the left side menu, check the box next to Custom Buttons so the setting appears on the right.
  3. Click + Add Custom Button:

  4. Enter your Button Name, select the color and icon, enter the Linked URL, and check the box if a passcode is required to access the URL. Then click Save:

  5. Make sure to click Save in the top right corner before exiting the Settings tab. 

Custom Action Button on the Point of Sale

To use the custom button on the Point of Sale:

  1. Open a new or existing order.
  2. Swipe against your quick action buttons in the bottom left corner until you see your new custom button:

  3. Simply tap the icon to open to the linked URL.
  4. If you want to change the order of the action buttons, follow the instructions in the Rearranging Revel iPad Action Point of Sale Buttons article.

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