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Product descriptions are an optional detail you can add to products. They provide more insight into what the product actually is or does.

Descriptions can be viewed on Point of Sale stations as well as printed on guest receipts.


Adding/ Editing Product Descriptions

To add or edit a product description:

  1. On the Management Console, ([yoursubdomain], go to the Products tab.
  2. Find the product whose description you want to edit and click the icon in line with the product:

  3. Once you're in the product details page, find the Description field. Enter your description and click Save:

Finding the Product Description on the Point of Sale

To view an item's product description on the Point of Sale:

    1. Create an order like normal. Tap and hold the product name (from the menu or once it's been added to an order) until a Product Details box appears or the product overlay screen appears:

Adding the Product Description to Guest Receipts

If you want the product descriptions to print on guest receipts:

    1. On the Management Console, go to the Settings tab.
    2. Click Clear Selections and type Receipt Print Description.
    3. From the left side menu, check the box next to Receipt Print Description so the actual setting appears on the right side.
    4. Check the setting box for Receipt Print Description and then click Save:

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