Adding a Tax by Dining Option

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Depending on your dining options, you can select a tax to be specifically added to a product or order. This could be a sugar tax or other special tax for a specific item you sell. In just a few steps, you can enable and set up the Tax by Dining option.

  1. From the Settings page, click Clear Selections to search for a single function
  2. Type tax by dining in the search bar and check the box for Tax by Dining/Order Option 
  3. Double-click the box on the right-hand side to enable Tax by Dining/Order Option. Then click Save. 
  4. Navigate to the Products page, then select Taxes. 
  5. Select New Tax Group to create a new tax group for the dining tax. 
  6. Enter the group name and click Save. Select the tax group you just tax group you just created. Then click Individual TaxesTax_2.png
  7. To create an individual tax, Click +Add Tax . Enter the tax name, rate, and effective date(s). Then click Save.
  8. Select the next to the individual tax you just created.
  9. Click the box next to Order Types to open a drop-down menu and select order types the tax will apply to. Click Save.Tax_5.png
  10. Finally, once the Tax by Dining Option has been activated and setup appropriately, a new tax group should also be set up as well, to include the products and the individual tax amount. To learn more about setting up additional taxes, please see our Taxes: Setup Guide.  




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