Zebra Label Printer Doesn't Print Correctly

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Zebra label printer (ZD410/LP2824 Plus) is not printing or does not print correctly.


Zebra ZD410 - connected via direct ethernet connection to Revel Network.  

Zebra 2824 Plus - connected via serial cable to Revel R212 and connected via ethernet to the Revel Network. 


  1. Check that printer is powered on and device has power indicator light illuminated.
  2. Check that printer is getting ethernet connection by checking for link light at back of device (ZD410 only)
    1. For LP 2824 Plus, please check that the R212 has connection and link light.
  3. Check that printer has labels and is able to properly feed a single label out without jamming.
  4. Check that printer is assigned to a product on the Management Console.
  5. Performed label width auto-sensing check on printer.
    1. On ZD410 - Make sure printer is on. Once the printer is in the ready state (Status indicator is solid green), press and hold the PAUSE and CANCEL button for two (2) seconds and release. The printer will measure a few labels and adjust media sensing levels
    2. On LP 2824 Plus - Hold down the green button until the light blinks 2 times, then let go.  The printer will eject and sense the edges of the paper and label.


Depending on the steps performed above will lead you to the root cause of the issue.  Most of the time the issue is connection/configuration related. 

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