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As we learned in our Till Management Guide, a till is a cash drawer assigned to an employee to perform cash operations for your business. The Management Console helps you track and manage cash flow through the business, but the cash operations are performed on the POS.

Depending on the settings configured on the Management Console, tills can either be set when the employee logs into the POS (by prompt), or by tapping the Tills option on the dashboard.

Note: Depending on the settings you've enabled in the Management Console, employees will either be able to access tills with or without a password. To learn more, see our article Till Management Guide. For the purposes of this article, we will show accessing tills without a password prompt.

Once a till has been set, users can access their till by tapping the Tills button in the Operations section on the dashboard. They will see a Till Management window similar to the one shown in the image below. This window will display the date and time that the till was set, the amount of money currently in that till, and have options for the user to close out their till.

Let's take a look at how to perform the many operations available on the POS, click a link below to view the section you're looking for:

Pay Ins and Pay Outs

Pay ins and pay outs are a means of adding and removing money from tills outside of cash transactions, so that it can be tracked in reporting.

To perform a pay in or pay out:

    1. On the POS station, tap the Tills button on the dashboard:
    2. A list of your current tills will appear. Select the till you want to perform the pay out or pay in on:
    3. Select Pay In or Pay Out from the menu. Enter the amount for the transaction using the keypad that appears:
    4. Next, enter the Reason for the Pay In or Pay Out:
    5. Lastly, click the Submit button to complete your Pay Out or Pay In. You will be directed back to the function menu for your till.

Safe Drop

Depending on your business, you can require Safe Drops at regular intervals, a certain dollar amount in the till, or in your End-of-Day process. These settings can be edited and enabled within your Management Console.

  1. To perform a Safe Drop, tap the Tills button on the dashboard screen of your POS:
  2. Select the till you are assigned to and tap Safe Drop from the menu that appears:
  3. Enter the amount and, if applicable, the envelope number for the Safe Drop. When you're finished, tap Submit:

Tapping the Print Safe Drop button will print out a log of the entered safe drop amount from the receipt printer. This can be used for any desired logging outside of the Revel System. Tapping the Print Empty Safe Drop button will print out a blank safe drop log from the receipt printer, to be used for manual entry of any safe drops.

Open Cash Drawer

If an employee or manager needs to open the cash drawer for the till, Revel provides a one-button solution to open the drawer.

  1. On the dashboard, tap Tills and select the till you want to open the drawer for:
  2. Tap Open Cash Drawer:

Hold Till

Users can access the “Hold Till” function when they want to count and clear the cash out of a till while still completing cash transactions on that POS station. In most cases, the first till will be held and removed from the cash drawer, and a second till will be placed into the cash drawer and set on the POS station. The first till will be counted and clear, and then closed on the POS station.

  1. Tap Tills and select the till you want to hold:
  2. Tap the Hold button in the menu that appears:
  3. Once a till has been held, it can be accessed by performing step one.
    Note: Once a till is marked on hold, you can access it, but once it is on hold it will stay that way until it is closed out. If you need to take a payment other than cash, you will have to open a new till.

Print Cash Log

An employee can print a cash log showing all transactions from their till.

  1. Select the till to print the cash log for:
  2. Tap Print Cash Log. The cash log will be sent to the printer connected to the till:

Reassign Drawer

If the Tills - Assign Till Ownership role permission is enabled, employees can place a till under another employee’s name on the POS:

This may be used for security purposes, requiring that a manager set the till for all employees.

  1. Select the till to reassign from the dashboard of the POS:
  2. Tap Reassign Till from the menu that appears:
  3. Select the employee to assign the drawer to from the list that appears:
  4. Now the till is assigned to the employee you selected.

Note that when running a dual cash drawer setup, reassigning till ownership to a non-owner or non-manager employee will also move all cash drawer locks to the new cash drawer. The employee is locked to the last assigned till and is not unlocked until after the till is reassigned.

To reassign the cash drawer:

  • Close the till for Drawer 1.
  • Then open a new till and assign it to the new employee.

Managers and owners can adjust the cash drawer locks in the point of sale under Settings > Cash Drawer & Tills > Cash Drawer Management.

Till Checkout

To close or checkout a till, an employee or manager first needs to have the Tills - Close a Till role permission enabled. To find out how to change role permissions for employees, see our article Assigning Roles & Wages. Once enabled, users can perform the following steps to close a till:

      1. Tap Tills on the dashboard and select the till to checkout:
      2. Tap the Checkout button from the menu that appears:
      3. On this window, enter the amount of each bill type in their till, as well as the bills for any other currencies the user has configured. Tills can support up to four different currencies.
        Note: If the Track coins in tills option is enabled in the Tills settings on the Management Console, the Coin Type button will appear on the Checkout screen. Tapping this button will bring up a list of fields of the configured coin type values. The user can enter the amount of each coin in the corresponding fields.
      4. Once the bills and coins are entered, verify that everything is accurate. If you need to make changes, tap Checkout to make changes. Otherwise, tap Next to continue:
      5. To complete the checkout process, tap Submit. A message will pop up notifying you that the till is now closed:

End of Day

Tills can be closed by employees with manager role permission on the POS by running the End of Day Process wizard.

  1. From the dashboard, tap End of Day Process:
  2. The end of day process will begin. When the tills section begins, a new screen will show, listing all open tills:
  3. Select the till you want to close. The till function menu will appear. Select Checkout:
  4. Enter the total cash in the drawer and tap Next:
  5. The Checkout Summary will appear. To complete closing the till, click Submit:
  6. If it is also the end of the employee's shift, they can be clocked out from the End-of-Day wizard. Click the Clock Out button:


Tapping the “Close Virtual Till / Close Till” button for that till will initiate the till checkout process. After checking out the till, the user will be shown a Checkout Summary screen for that till.

Checkout Summary Screen


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