Managing Your Establishment Settings

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Revel provides you access to edit and manage most of your Establishment settings from the Establishment section of your Management Console. This article will walk you through the sections of the Establishment home page, and what you can do in each section.


Establishment Home

When you first set up your Establishment with Revel, you are prompted to confirm your business information. This includes the owner name, address, phone number and email, as well as the business name, phone number, address, logo, and business details.

This information is set up on your initial purchase, but you have the ability to change it at any time. So if your address, phone number, email change - Revel gives you the power to update your business information.

  1. Log into your Management Console (
  2. Click the Establishment link at the top of the page.
  3. Your current business information will be on the first page that opens:
  4. To edit your business information, click inside the section you want to change, type in the new information, and click Save at the upper right-hand side of the section:


Revel sets up the number of stations and technical information for you, but once that is complete, you can manage the types of order options, payment options, and action buttons displayed on your POS Stations. For detailed information on how to edit your Stations tab, click a link below:


Your Peripherals section deals with your Kitchen views and Payment systems. This information is set up by Revel at purchase, but some things can be edited once you get your business up and running.

Kitchen Views

If you have a restaurant, whether it's table service or a quick service establishment, you can select how you want your order flow to operate. In the Kitchen Views section, there are a series of tabs that you can enter your device information, adjust common kitchen actions, set up your kitchen workflow, create your process for expediting, and upload images for your Kitchen Display System (KDS). Let's take a closer look at what these options are.


This tab contains the settings and controls for the KDS device itself.

  • Device: Enter the IP address for your Kitchen Display System (KDS).
  • Active: Identifies if this KDS is active or not.
    Note: Changing the activation can only be done by Revel Support. If you need to deactivate a Kitchen View, please contact Support.
  • Sound: When this is enabled, the KDS will make a sound each time a new item is sent to it.
  • Image: You can upload a small logo that will show at the top of the KDS.
  • Passcode: When enabled, the settings for the KDS will be passcode protected.
  • Default Kitchen View: Depending on your cooking workflow, you can select from the drop-down the view you want shown.


This tab provides settings for the most common KDS features depending on the type of restaurant you own.

  • Days to Keep Done Orders: Set the number of days that the KDS will save orders that have been completed.
  • Sort Order: Select the way you want orders to be sorted. You can select Ascending - Newest to Oldest, or Descending - Oldest to Newest.
  • Complete/Done Becomes: Select what you want to happen when the employee presses the complete or done button. There are two options, Complete and Bump:
    • Complete - Items will Complete on all Kitchen Views and orders will be Closed on all Expos.
    • Bump - Items will Complete only on this Kitchen View. Items will need to be Completed on all Bumping Kitchen Views before moving to the Expo(s).
      Note: On Expos set to Bump, orders will be Closed only on that Expo. They will need to be marked Done on all bumping Expos before they are Closed. You may also choose make the user Select Complete/Done or Bump on each item/order.
  • Display Item Details: When enabled, this will provide a button for the employee to press and view a product's details and an image.
  • Display Server Name: This feature displays the server name next to orders they've submitted.
  • Display: This section allows you to select the details you want shown on items and orders:
    • Seat
    • Course
    • Special Request
    • Dining Option
    • Modifieres
    • Call Number
  • Tile Mode: Organize your tiles with features to suit your kitchen's needs:
    • Snaking Mode: Select your snaking mode for Tile views. With no snaking, orders are confined to a single column and may be scrolled through. With top snaking, orders always begin at the top of the screen and may extend to additional columns. Full syncing uses all the space on the KDS by allowing orders to being in the middle of the screen.
    • Enable Vertical Scrolling: Makes the KDS scroll vertically rather than horizontally when moving between pages.
    • Color Modifiers Red: Causes modifiers to be displayed in red text instead of black text.
    • Theme: Select whether the Tile View shall have a white or black background
  • Bump Bar: Displays a list of all active bump bars that have been created in the Peripherals tab.


This allows you to organize how orders are displayed on the KDS and manage the workflow for the kitchen.

  • Green, Yellow, and Red Fire Delay: The first three sections allow you to set a time (hours:minutes:seconds) that an item will sit on the KDS before turning the color green, yellow, and red.
  • Production View: If enabled, a column in Tile Kitchen view will be replaced with a running tally of individual products in open orders assigned to that Kitchen Display
  • Display Time Received: Displays the time stamp for the product. If this is disabled, the time that has elapsed since the product has appeared on the Kitchen View shall be displayed
  • Complete Whole Order: Completing any item on an order will complete the entire order.
  • In Progress Mode: If enabled, tapping an item once will mark it 'In Progress'. Tapping it again shall complete it.
  • Sort Recall Ascending: When an order item is recalled, it will be listed by the order most recently completed.
  • Recall One by One: Enable this to recall the most recently completed item, rather than selecting specific items to recall.
  • Use Kitchen Print Name: The KDS will display the print name from product details rather than the name of the product
  • Kitchen Print: Select the printer and template the kitchen printer will use when printing items.
  • Line Kitchen: Select how items will be grouped and sorted, as well as enable All Day Mode:
    • Split Items with Different Modifiers: Normally, All Day Mode displays all products together, regardless of their modifiers. When enabled, this setting will separate products if they have different modifiers.
    • Show Hidden Items: Products can be hidden from All Day Mode. This allows you to see the hidden products and restore them.


    This tab allows you to organize your expo workflow and printing.

    • Display Time Received: Enabling this will display the time stamp of the product. If this is disabled, the time that has elapsed since the product has appeared on the KDS will display.
    • Reset Expedite Timers: Use the drop-down menu to select how you want the expedite timers behave. You can have the timer not reset at all, reset to zero after an individual item is completed, reset to zero after all items are completed, or reset to the time before all items were completed.
      Note: This feature only applies if you have Tile Mode enabled.
    • Tap done on waiting orders: Choose whether double tapping an order on the expo should close or complete the order.
    • Move Completed Order to the Top: When enabled, this will move orders to the top of the expedite screen when every item is completed, regardless of sort settings.
    • Use Kitchen Print Name: The KDS will display the kitchen print name from product details, rather than the name of the product.
    • Expedite Print: Prints a ticket for every order after the order is marked Done. If using Tile Expedite and a zebra printer, you may tap an icon to print the order to zebra labels.
    • Line Expedite: Here, you can enable checkoff, where items will be marked in a blue color when completed and enable swiping to complete items on the expo.

    Order Display

    This tab allows you to customize how your orders are displayed on the POS.

    • Advertising Image URL: Enter the URL for your advertising image. This image will appear in the large section on the left of your display.
    • Order Up Image URL: A very small image that will appear next to an order that is done.
    • Font Size: Control the size of the font used to list orders. If you're looking to change the font for your order screen tiles, check out our article Changing Your Product Tile Font for the POS
    • Display Quantity: Displays the number of items in the order.

    Electronic Payment Systems

    This is a server that interacts with all Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) devices. Check out our article Outdoor Payment Terminal Configuration for more information on setup.

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