Catering Delivery Report Overview

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Catering Delivery Report

The Catering Delivery Report identifies your catering orders, products sold, and delivery date. The complete order details are found in the Order History report. The Catering Delivery report follows the same options as other Revel reports, but let's take a look at the options available to you for organizing this report the way that works best for you!

Before we get started, let's find this report in the Management Console:

  1. Log into your Management Console (
  2. Navigate to the Reports section by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  3. Hover your mouse over the Other Reports link, and select Catering Delivery from the menu that appears:


Catering Delivery Report Overview

The Catering Delivery report consists of the following sections:

  • Order ID: This is the ID number given to the catering order when it is taken in the POS.
  • Customer: When a catering order is taken on the POS, it asks for a customer to be attached to the order. That customer will appear in this section of the report. You can choose to create a new customer, or select one already entered from the CMS, learn more in our article Adding Customers to Your CRM in the Management Console.
  • Product ID: When a product is created in the Products tab, it is given an ID number. This helps you track the product ID's for your catering orders.
  • Product Name: The name of the product ordered.
  • Quantity: The quantity of a single product ordered.
  • Sales: The dollar amount of sales for the product listed.
  • Delivery Date: The date the catering order was delivered to the customer.
  • Notes: You can view the notes for the order, these can be delivery instructions, special orders, etc. In order to view the order notes, scroll to the right or select the Group by Order view:

Catering Delivery Report Filters

You can use multiple filters to organize your report and view date ranges for your records

  • Date Range: Sort your report by a specific date range. Click the date section under the report title, and enter the date range (MM/DD/YYYY) or drag your mouse over the calendar:
  • Export/Print: Click the button to view the options to export and print your report:
  • Group By: Select how you'd like to group catering delivery records, by group or by product:

That's it! For additional information on using catering from the POS, see our article Catering Delivery

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