Optimize KDS for Coursing

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Once your KDS is setup, you can optimize its use by setting up Optimize KDS for Coursing. This will only send products to the KDS when that course is ready for preparation.

We've set this feature up to work on both Tile and Line views.


Enabling Optimize KDS for Coursing

To use this feature, enable Optimize KDS for Coursing on the Management Console:

  1. In your Management Console ([yoursubdomain].revelup.com), go to Settings.
  2. Click Clear Selections.
  3. Type KDS into the search bar.
  4. Check the box next to Optimize KDS for coursing:Screen_Shot_2018-08-27_at_8_21_19_PM.png
  5. Click Save.

Setting up Courses

Next, set up how you'd like your courses to send to the kitchen.

  1. In your Management Console, go to Settings.
  2. Click Clear Selections.
  3. Type send to kitchen into the search bar.
  4. Select whether you'd like your courses to appear on the KDS on Send to Kitchen on Hold or Send to Kitchen on Done:
  5. Click Save.

Send to Kitchen on Hold: Orders will send to the KDS when you tap Hold on the Point of Sale.

Send to Kitchen on Done: Orders will send to the KDS when you tap Done on the Point of Sale.

Note that Send to Kitchen on Demand, where orders send to the KDS when you manually fire them from the Point of Sale, is not supported with coursing.

For more information on Table Service Settings and Course Prompts, take a look at the Table Service Settings Guide.

If you decide to setup automatic coursing for your individual products, see the Basic Product Details Guide to set this up. Each course will send to the KDS at the designated course time.

Using Coursing on KDS

To send orders from your Point of Sale to the KDS, check out our Kitchen Flow on iPad and Intro to the Point of Sale - TSR guide.

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