Setting Up Course Firing

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Course firing is a way to take an order and divide it across the time spent at a table. This is the most useful when you're pacing out appetizers, entrees, and desserts for a table service establishment.

Set Up Course Firing in the Management Console

You can enable and adjust the timing for your courses from the Settings page in your Management Console.

  1. On the Settings page, click Clear Selections and type table in the search bar:

  2. Check the box next to Table Service Settings to view all settings for table service:
    • If you want the kitchen receipt to print by course, click the box next to Course print.
    • You can set your POS to prompt your employee to select an item's course before adding it to the order. Check the box next to Prompt for course.
    • If you don't want a course prompt if the product course = 0, enable Do not prompt for seat or course if product course = 0 by checking the box.
    • If you offer carry out or delivery, you can enable Do not prompt for course or seat if dining option equals take out or delivery to skip course and seat for the order.
    • Check the box next to Print fire course receipt only to enable tapping the Fire Next Course button on the POS and a receipt to Fire Course X will be sent to the kitchen. If this is disabled, the receipt will print a list of the Course's items.
    • To display the time a course was fired for an item next to the course number or on Item Actions, check the box next to Display Fire Course/Send to Kitchen time.
      Note: Displaying item sent time is recommended only if you use Send on Demand.

    • You can set courses to fire automatically instead of manually from the POS by enabling Automatic Course Firing from Done on KDS. You can add buffer times between automatic course firings by entering the minutes. If you want to add additional buffers, click the Add Course Buffer Time:
      Note: Employees can override the auto-fire behavior directly from the POS as necessary.
  3. Click Save and refresh your POS Stations to enable your changes.

You can see how these processes work on the Kitchen Display System in our articles:

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