Revel Network Ethernet Wiring Diagram

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Please see the below diagrams depicting a logical layout of how equipment should be connected to the Revel network.  This applies to all devices that use ethernet connections (R212, Card Swipes, Printers, AEC, APs, etc.).

Used abbreviations:
AEC = Apple Ethernet Connect
AP = Access Point
POE = Power Over Ethernet
R212 = Serial Server model R212*
ISP = Internet Service Provider

*R212 Serial Server is used to connect the following devices:
- Barcode Scanners
- Scales
- ID Tech cardswipes
- Coin Dispensers

Network setup with AEC

Network setup without AEC


Recommended bandwidth requirements:
One terminal needs 1.5 mbps download speed and 768 kbps upload speed.
Each additional terminal increase the download speed requirement by ~750 kbps and the upload requirement by ~256 kbps.
For example, 15-20 mbps would be enough for a very busy 10+ terminal table service restaurant.

Revel DNS:
Primary =
Secondary =

Revel IP addresses and ports:
#Revel LAN = & 80, 443 80 80 80 80, 443 80 80, 443 80, 443 3535

Apple 80 80

Ports Descriptions: 
80 http 
443 https 

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