Attaching Ingredients to Modifiers through Recipes

By Libby | Updated


You can create recipes for modifiers so the ingredients attached to the modifiers will only pull from your inventory quantities if the modifier is selected at the time of sale. To create a recipe for a modifier:

  1. Navigate to the Products tab in the Management Console ( and select Modifiers from the left sidebar:
  2. Locate the modifier to create a recipe for by clicking the icon to expand the modifier class:
  3. Click the icon to the far right of the modifier name:
  4. Next, click + Add Ingredient:
  5. Begin typing the ingredient name or product you want included in the recipe. Select the correct item from the drop-down that appears:
  6. Make sure to enter the quantity for one serving. For example, if one serving of lettuce is 2 leaves, enter 2:
  7. Then, click Save and refresh your POS stations to update them.

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