Editing Product Details with Copy Value(s) To

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Product details allow you to customize your product list to best fit your business needs. It's possible to edit product details three ways:

This article will explain the process of using Copy Value(s) to.


Editing Product Details with Copy Value(s) To

To edit the product details of multiple items at once using Copy Value(s) to:

  1. On the Management Console ([yoursubdomain].revelup.com), go to the Products tab.
  2. Click the icon in line with one of the products you want to edit:

  3. Make the desired edits to the product details. Please Note: In order for Copy Value(s) to to work correctly, you must make initial edits.
  4. After you've made all the edits you want to copy to other products, click Copy Value(s) to:

  5. Use the left side of the Copy Details page to verify the details you are about to copy.
  6. Next, select the categories, subcategories, and/or products to be edited. Anything marked in blue will be edited:

  7. Click Save. Copying products is an offline process. You will receive a verification email once the process is done.

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