Configuring Your Digital Menu Board

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Setting Up a Board

  1. Login to your Revel Management Console [yoursubdomain]
  2. Go to Products > Digital Menu Boards.
  3. Click + Add Item:

  1. Fill in the fields as needed;
  • Interval Time (sec): If you use more than one page, enter the amount of time that each page is to be displayed before changing to the next.
  • Show Page Markers: Display page markers on the bottom of the screen.
    Select the markers colour.
  • Background Colour: Select the colour for any empty space.
  • Show Border: Enable to show a border on each page.
    Select the colour of the border.
  • Slide Animation Type: Choose between Animated Page Slide or Simple Slide.
    Animated Page will slide the first screen off to the left to show the following slide.
    Simple will switch from one image to the next without animation.
  1. Click Add Board:

Setting Up a Page

For your Digital Menu Board to display anything, you need to add a page to that board.

  1. Find the board you’d like to add a page to.
  2. Click details :

  1. Click Add Page.
  2. Fill out the details for the page.
  3. Click Save.

Display Types

You must select a display type for each page:

1 Page Spread Image Layout:

  1. Fill in the fields for this page.
  2. Click Save:

2-Column/3-Column Layout:

  1. Fill in the fields for this page.
  2. Click Save:

Select the configuration for each column;

Image: Displays an image.

Custom Menu(s): Displays Custom Menus.

User Text: Displays text you configure yourself.

8 Product Tile Layout:

  1. Fill in the fields for this page.
  2. Click Save

Default Font Colour: Text colour.

Background Colour: Colour of tile background.

Display Product Name: Displays the name of the Product on every tile.

Display Price: Displays the price of the Product on every tile.

Display Tile Number: Displays tile number. Change Start Numbering At to change the numbering scheme. Font size and colour can also be adjusted.

  1. Next, configure each tile.
  2. Start typing a product name in the text box and select the product.
  3. If this product has an image attached already, it will be automatically attached.
  4. You may enter a different image through the Product Image field.
  5. Any new image uploaded here will override any other product image attached to that product.


Complete these steps for Tiles 1 - 8.

To preview and load your Digital Menu Board, take a look at our Using/Loading Your Digital Menu Board.

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