Using/Loading Your Digital Menu Board

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Once you have configured your Digital Menu Board, you can load it on your Management Console to see how it looks, or onto your TV for use.

Please make sure you have followed our Configuring Your Digital Menu Board guide first.


Previewing your Menu Board

You can preview your Board in a web browser as a representation of how it will look when you load it onto your Digital Menu Board.

To preview the Menu Board;

  1. Find the Menu Board you’d like to preview.
  2. Click on the preview  button:

  1. This will open up a new tab with your digital menu board.

You can also preview the board by clicking on Preview on the Board details screen:

Loading your Menu Board

Note: You need a Smart TV to load your Digital Menu Board on a TV.

On your Smart TV, you can follow the above steps for previewing a Digital Menu Board. This will display your DMB on the TV.

Alternatively, you can enter the Digital Menu Board URL which can be found by previewing your DMB on your Management Console.

When the new tab is open and the digital menu board is visible, take note of the address in the address bar. You will need the URL instance and PIN when loading the menu board onto the Samsung Smart TV.

In the above example:

           The URL Instance is: test

           The PIN is: 93918470

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