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Kiosk terminals have an intuitive design that helps increase the speed of service and reduce labor cost, without the need for an additional cashier.  With Revel's customizable platform, tailor the Kiosk settings to fit your specific business needs. 

After setting up the Kiosk Custom Menu in the Management Console, select the Settings tab. In the search for settings box, click Clear Selection. Then type Kiosk and check the box to display settings. After making adjustments, remember to click Save



Settings Description

Allow Cash Payments 

 If enabled, a customer must submit the cash payment at a POS payment terminal, attended by an employee
Prompt for Email Address  Will request that the customer enters their email address. Useful for emailing receipts
Kiosk Image   Upload an image to display on your Kiosk terminal background 
Send order After Payment   Order will not send to the kitchen, unless payment is completed
Display Modifier Price   This will display modifier up charge prices on the Kiosk 
Print Option   Select whether you would like your customer's receipt to be printed, emailed, or promoted
Display Modifier Description  Shows modifier details on the kiosk screen 
Support Eat in and to go  The customer can select if the order is eat in or to go
Alphabetize Products   Rearranges all items in alphabetical order 
 Picture Mode  This option displays products in a picture carousel mode, that customers can easily flip through 
Kiosk Animation Set Welcome Screen    If enabled, your customer will tap the Kiosk screen twice to proceed to an other. Once to dismiss the screen saver, and a second time to dismiss the welcome screen. 
 Special Request   Gives customers the ability to enter specific details to their order 
Display Entire Single Category Product List If your menu has only one product category, this option will display all products on one screen  

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