Epson TM-m30

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The Epson TM-m30 may be used as both a wireless or hardwired solution. 

  1. Begin by removing the two panels, found on bottom and bottom of the iPad. Insert the power adapter into round port of the printer. Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_10.24.45_AM.png
  2. Optional: If you are hard wiring the printer to a cash drawer, insert one end of the ethernet cable into the printer, and the other end into the cash drawer. If you are not using a bluetooth solution, take the second ethernet cable and insert it into the printer and router. 


  3. Next, reattach the side and bottom panels back to the printer. 


  4. Insert the AC Adapter into an outlet.


  5. Turn the Printer On and insert the thermal printer paper .Screen_Shot_2018-10-03_at_10.38.22_AM.png

For specifications on the Epson TM-m30, click here

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