iCMP Battery Best Practices

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The iCMP is a wireless card swipe solution that is designed to help you process payments. Because the swipe is powered by bluetooth, the battery life can deteriorate swiftly. This guide will walk through editing the configurations to maximize the battery life for your iCMP device. 

Contactless Reader and Barcode Scanner

The two most significant factors impacting the battery life of Ingenico mobile devices are the Contactless Reader [RFID/NFC] and the Barcode Scanner. If you use either of these devices, it is recommended that alter the settings using the iCMP reader. 

To enable the contactless reader, use the 23. code on the device. The longer the contactless green light indicator is lit on the Ingenico mobile device, the more power the device is taking. If you are not using this device, disable this setting using the 23. code. 

For the barcode scanner, powering on the bar code reader by entering the code 94.0101. 


Sleep Mode and Power Down

Use the configurations below to help increase battery life of the iCMP device :







For the iCMP, “Waking” in Sleep mode can be done by pressing the button on the side, next to the small USB port. 

Disabling Sleep Mode

The iCMP will not enter Sleep Mode if the Contactless Reader is enabled. It will, however, will go into Sleep Mode if disconnected from the reader. 








NOTE: The iCMP will not last 8 full hours if Sleep and Power Off timers are disabled. By enabling sleep mode, battery life has lasted more than 24 hours for most users. 

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