Customer Uniqueness

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Customer Uniqueness is a CRM setting that prevents duplicated customer profiles on the Point of Sale. Uniqueness can be enforced by one of three ways: Email, Phone Number or Reference Code. To have Customer Uniqueness enabled, please contact our support department. 

Merging Customer Profiles

Once Customer Uniqueness is enabled, duplicate customer records are not automatically merged. The merge of profiles only occurs when customer information including the enforcement attribute (email, phone, ref. code) is updated.

When the merge occurs, the most recent customer entry will merge into the original customer entry, from when the customer was created. Any existing gift cards, reward cards and house accounts attached to the customer will only remain if they are attached to the original customer entry.

  • For house accounts, they will become inaccessible if the original customer is not attached. On the Point of Sale, select Manage Customers, and enter the customers details page. Then verify the customer's house account information. 
  • As for gift and reward cards, they will become detached from the customer. The gift/reward data will remain but there will be no indication of who that card belongs to. Reattach a customer's gift or loyalty card by selecting the respective icons on the Point of Sale dashboard. 


Example of Customer Merging

Let's say a customer record for "Bob" ( created a year ago, with no house account attached. Bob's record was duplicated last week, also with email address The duplicate, however, does have a house account on it.

Yesterday we enabled customer uniqueness, enforced by email address

Today, we update bob's customer record, let's say we give him a new address. His email remains The record from last week will merge into the record from a year ago. Since the record from a year ago doesn't have a house account on it, the house account will become inaccessible.

Similarly, if Bob had a reward or gift card attached to his customer last week, the gift/reward card will become detached. On the Point of Sale, find the gift or loyalty profile, then add the correct customer. 


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