Product Component Report

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The Product Component report offers a detailed overview of products sold, sorted by product class.


Product Component Report Tour

The various parts of the Product Component report are:

  1. Product Class:
    • This report divides your sold products by class.
    • If sold products are not assigned to a class, they will appear under the Unknown Class section:

  2. Product Name:
    • The product name will appear in bold above the details:

  3. Product Modifiers:
    • If any modifiers are attached to your sold product, they will appear directly under the product name:

  4. Product Details:
    • The product details shown include: SKU, Total Cost, Net Price, Tax, Gross PriceCOGS, and GM:

  5. Ingredient Details:
    • If any ingredients are attached to your product through recipes, the following details will display: Ingredient, SKU, Cost/Unit, Units, and Total Cost:

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