How to Import/Export Employee Schedules

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With Revel, you can add your employees' schedules and time worked details en masse using an Excel spreadsheet.


Exporting the Employee Schedule Spreadsheet

The first step is to export the correct spreadsheet from the Management Console. This feature only works if the correct template is used. To get the template:

  1. On the Management Console ([yoursubdomain], go to the Schedules tab.
  2. Then, from the Shift Schedule page, click Import:

  3. From here, you can either download a template with blank schedule cells or export a current schedule and adjust:

  4. The spreadsheet will then download to your computer.

Filling Out the Employee Schedule Spreadsheet

Once you've opened the downloaded spreadsheet, fill it out as follows:

  • Date Begin (Column F): This is the date the employee's shift starts.
  • Time Begin (Column G): This is the time the employee's shift starts.
  • Date End (Column H): This is the date the employee's shift ends.
  • Time End (Column I): This is the time the employee's shift ends.
  • End Status (Column J): This should be marked as Clock Out for all entries:

  • Once all required fields are filled out, save your file.

Importing the Employee Schedule Spreadsheet

When your spreadsheet is filled out and saved, you can import it into the Management Console. To do this:

  1. If you are still on the Import/Export screen, jump to Step 2. If you are no longer there, on the Management Console go to the Schedules tab and then click Import from the Shift Schedules page.
  2. From the Import/Export page, click Choose File. Attach your saved schedules spreadsheet.
  3. Click Import:

  4. You will receive an email with the status of the import. If any errors occurred, fix them in the spreadsheet and then upload it following the above instructions.

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