Employee Details

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To access an employee's details:

  1. On the Management Console, go to the Employees tab.
  2. Click the icon in line with an employee:1.png
  3. The employee details page has the following fields: 
  • Employee Info:
    • Last Name.
    • First Name.
    • Email: This must be filled out with a working email address if you want to send schedules through the Management Console.
    • Phone Number.
    • PIN: The unique number the employee uses to clockin/out and login to the Point of Sale.
    • External ID: If you integrate with a third party payroll system, enter their ID here.
    • Internal Employee ID: This is an optional field for any other employee ID numbers used.
    • Employee Start: The date the employee gained access to the system.
    • Employee End: The last day the employee had access to the system. If there is no known end date, leave this field blank.
    • Employee Card: If the employee has a card to access the Point of Sale, enter the card ID here.
    • Picture: You can upload a photo or use a link to store a photo of the employee. 
    • Exempt: Place a check mark in the box if the employee receives salary pay instead of an hourly wage. If the employee does receive an hourly wage, leave the box empty. 
    • Mileage Reimbursement: If the employee receives reimbursement per miles driven, enter the amount here.
    • Active: If they are a current employee leave this box checked. If they are no longer a current employee, uncheck the box. 
  • Roles & Wages:
    • Role: The active role of the employee.
    • Role Wage: The hourly wage the employee earns when clocked in as the role.
    • + Add Role: Click this to add an additional role and wage for the employee. 
  • Administrative Permissions:
    • Username: This is the username the employee will use to log into the Management Console. 50 characters maximum. 
    • Email Address: Input an email address that can be used for password recovery. 
    • EMS Access: Check the box to give this employee access to multiple establishments if you use Revel's EMS feature. 
    • Enterprise Access: Check the box to give the employee access to the Enterprise tab if you use Revel's EMS feature. 
    • Password: Input a password to use when logging into the Management Console. 
    • Repeat Password: Reenter to above password. 
    • Establishment Access: Displays the establishments to which the employee has access as well as the level of access. 
    • Account Locked: Check the box to remove the employee's access to the Management Console. 
    • Associated API Users: Choose API Users that will have same permission access. 

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