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Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is not available until Version 2.51, which you may not be using yet. Here's how software updates work with Revel:

  • Your Management Console will automatically upgrade to the newest version in early June. No action is required!
  • Your new Revel Point of Sale app will be available shortly after that. Once it's available, head here for update instructions.

To access an employee's details:

  1. On the Management Console, go to the Employees tab.
  2. Click the icon in line with an employee:1.png
  3. The employee details page has the following fields: 
  • Employee Info:
    • Last Name.
    • First Name.
    • Email: This must be filled out with a working email address if you want to send schedules through the Management Console.
    • Phone Number.
    • PIN: The unique number the employee uses to clockin/out and login to the Point of Sale.
    • External ID: If you integrate with a third party payroll system, enter their ID here.
    • Internal Employee ID: This is an optional field for any other employee ID numbers used.
    • Employee Start: The date the employee gained access to the system.
    • Employee End: The last day the employee had access to the system. If there is no known end date, leave this field blank.
    • Employee Card: If the employee has a card to access the Point of Sale, enter the card ID here.
    • Picture: You can upload a photo or use a link to store a photo of the employee.
    • Exempt: Place a check mark in the box if the employee receives salary pay instead of an hourly wage.
      • When the Exempt box is checked, the Weekly Wage setting will appear. For accurately distributed labor reports, enter the calculated weekly wage for the employee. The distribution will be the weekly wage distributed across the weekly operating hours entered in timetables.*
    • Mileage Reimbursement: If the employee receives reimbursement per miles driven, enter the amount here.
    • Active: If they are a current employee leave this box checked. If they are no longer a current employee, uncheck the box.
  • Roles & Wages:
    • Role: The active role of the employee.
    • Role Wage: The hourly wage the employee earns when clocked in as the role.
    • + Add Role: Click this to add an additional role and wage for the employee.
  • Administrative Permissions:
    • Username: This is the username the employee will use to log into the Management Console. 50 characters maximum.
    • Email Address: Input an email address that can be used for password recovery.
    • EMS Access: Check the box to give this employee access to multiple establishments if you use Revel's EMS feature.
    • Enterprise Access: Check the box to give the employee access to the Enterprise tab if you use Revel's EMS feature.
    • Password: Input a password to use when logging into the Management Console.
    • Repeat Password: Reenter to above password.
    • Establishment Access: Displays the establishments to which the employee has access as well as the level of access.
    • Account Locked: Check the box to remove the employee's access to the Management Console.
    • Associated API Users: Choose API Users that will have same permission access.

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