Taxes: Tax Codes

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Tax codes allow clients leveraging third party tax integrations such as Avalara and TaxCloud to pull product-specific tax rates based on geographic location and/or product type. (See here for an example of how tax codes can be applied to different product types within Avalara.)

Tax codes do not affect the ordering process at all, nor do these show on any Revel reports; they simply help with organizing information with integrations. 

How to Setup a New Tax Code

To setup a new Tax Code: 

  1. On the Management Console ([yoursubdomain], go to the Products tab. Click Taxes then choose Advanced Tax Settings
  2. Choose the Tax Codes option, then select Add Tax Code: 

  3. Fill out the Name, Type, Code and check the Active box. The Type should be the integration application; choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. Press Save when finished:



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