Buy Product X and Receive Product Y and Z for a Discount

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Note: this article refers to features in version 2.48, which you may not be using yet. Not to worry, though—your Management Console will automatically upgrade to the newest version over the next few weeks.

In versions 2.48 and higher, this discount enhancement allows you to choose the number of target products that that can be discounted. For example, if a customer buys a pizza, you can set two items (such as a ceramic mug and a t-shirt) at a discounted value.

  1. On your existing discount, click the Details icon to view the settings page. 


  1. Find the Qualification Type and select Item.


  1. Set the Qualification Subtype to Item if there is a specific product, or Group if there are several products a customer can purchase from to receive this discount.


  1. Under Qualifying Group or Qualifying Item (depending on what you selected above), enter the product name. This is the item a customer must purchase to receive the discount.



  1. Next, scroll down to the setting Discount Applies to. Select Group or Product.


  1. Depending on what you selected above, enter the name of the product or product group (item that will be discounted in the order).


  1. Next, check the Apply Multiple Times box. Checking this setting will allow you to choose the number of items that will be discounted with this purchase.


  1. Under Target Volume, enter the number of products that will be discounted. If two items will be discounted with the purchase, enter the number 2.  



  1. Then click Save.

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