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Note: this article refers to features in version 2.48, which you may not be using yet. Not to worry, though—your Management Console will automatically upgrade to the newest version over the next few weeks.

Kitchen Display System

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows orders to display on an iPad screen instead of using a kitchen printer. By having a KDS, you can easily assign items to appear on specific cook and prep stations. In Revel’s 2.48 release, we’ve optimized the KDS to include Item Claiming, Color Coding Identification,  and KDS Filtering by Dining Option.


  • Item Claiming and Color Coding Identification
  • Color Coding Identification for Order Type
  • KDS Filter by Dining Option
  • Send New tickets on Send After the Order has been Reopened and Modified
  • Redo Expo Item Print and Allow Expo Done by Item


Item Claiming and Color Coding Identification

In Revel's current KDS version, an item may be marked as in progress. The new Item Claiming Feature reduces confusion by displaying the KDS color that is preparing an item. To assign a specific color to a KDS,

  1. Double tap the upper left corner of the KDS Screen. Select the Settings icon, then enter your password (if you have not changed this code, the password will be defaulted to 1234).
  2. Under Settings, tap on for “In Progress Mode”. Then tap Save & Close,  and refresh your KDS.
  3. A color icon will now appear on the top left corner of your KDS.


  1. To claim an item on the KDS, tap on the item name.


Color Coding Identification for Order Type

In the 2.48 version, color coding identification in the header bar quickly identifies the type of the order: Eat In, Take Out, or Delivery. This helps the kitchen staff determine whether they will need to plate items or bag and box items. Below are set colors that cannot be changed:


Green: Eat in orders

Gray: To Go orders

Purple: Catering orders

Yellow: Delivery orders


To enable, navigate to Management Console Settings, and check the box for Color Dining. Then click Save.





KDS Filter by Dining Option

On the KDS, your list of orders filtered by dining option. On the top settings bar of the KDS, check the boxes for all dining options you want to view.



Send New tickets on Send After the Order has been Reopened and Modified 

After an order has been sent, it cannot be modified. With this KDS enhancement, as a new item is added to an existing order, a sub ticket will be created. This  ticket will be labelled with the original order number, and consist of a  ticket count (e.g., 1235-1, 1235-2, 1235-3). This  enhancement will ensure your kitchen staff can easily view new items, so that nothing is missed.




Redo Expo Item Print and Allow Expo Done by Item


In the 2.48 release, you will now be able to set individual items to print on done. On the KDS, this settings allows you to mark individual items (as opposed to entire orders) as done. In addition, once you mark an order or item as completed, it will print a chit and disappear from the KDS screen.  

 Tap on the desired item to mark an item as done. If you have an item in the waiting state, double tap the item to move it to mark is as completed or done.





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