Troubleshooting Ingenico IPP 320/350 Card Swipes

By Paul | Updated



Ingenico IPP320/350 card swipe is processing payments really slowly; card swipe displays the error Transaction timed out, or Please remove card without taking a payment, etc., and power cycle doesn't help out.



In this case, rebooting the pin pad may not be enough as some temporary data accumulates in the iPad as well. Most of the cases would be resolved by following this procedure:

  1. Force closing the Revel POS application OR holding the power button until the Slide to Power Off message comes up and and then holding the home button until a flash appears.
  2. Power cycling the card swipe by holding the Yellow and # button. 
  3. Opening the Revel POS application and refreshing it.
  4. Afterwards running a test transaction to make sure that the card swipe is working properly.

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