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How to Customize Your CDSX*

NOTE: This feature is currently only available for Beta clients as of 2.51 release. Revel Support will be able to answer basic questions. To report any issues, please do so here. You may also contact Jon Exume for additional assistance.

Revel's new CDSX* and Branding Tool will allow you to customize your Customer Facing Display to better suit your marketing image by including your own logo images, color branding, etc.


How to Create and Customize Your Custom Skin

To begin creating a new skin for the CDSX*:

  1. Go to Establishment and choose Branding Tool:

    : If you do not see the Branding Tool option, please contact Jon Exume to activate.
  2. You'll see a list of all the Custom Skins that you have already created, which can be activated as needed (see How to Activate, Delete and Edit Skins). Skins are a collection of branding assets (such as a splash page, accent color, logo). You can create multiple Skins for your business needs (e.g. Thanksgiving skin, Christmas skin, Taco Tuesday skin, etc.) and activate or deactivate these as you wish. If no Skins have been created, choose the Add New, then select Customer Display to begin creating a new design:
  3. Give the new Skin a Name and press Save on the right.
  4. Fill out each section accordingly:
    1. Choose how you want to have your display screen organized in the Screen Organization section. With Full Screen, the image will display across the entire screen. With Split Screen, a preview of your customer's order is always available but promotional material will display on the left side of the display. 3.jpg
    2. Type the Welcome Message that you want customers to see when the CDSX* is in an idle state. NOTE: This is only available on the Full-Screen mode option (above): 4.jpg
    3. Select or upload the Background Image you would like to display for your customers: 5.jpg

      When you choose Select Image, you can pick from a selection of images that have already been uploaded or you can Upload your own. Be sure to use high-resolution images:

      After an image is selected, you'll be prompted to crop the image to the desired size.Use the scroll bar to zoom in and out but, note, anything is the grey area will be cropped out:
    4. Choose the Logo you want displayed on the Login and About Us Pages. When you click on Select Logo, you can choose from images that are already uploaded or upload your own. Be sure to use high-resolution images here as well:7.jpg
    5. The Accent Color is used for buttons and other elements on the Point of Sale: 8.jpgYou can choose any color from the default palette:
  5. Once you've filled out the required fields for your new skin, you can preview it using the button at the top right of the page: preview.jpg

    You'll see a preview of what your skin will look like, which will help you decide if any of your images need to be rescaled or replaced:


How to Activate, Delete and Edit Skins

After you have created your Custom Skins, you can both Activate or Delete them, as needed and/or Edit them at any time in the future. To do so:

  1. Go to Establishment and choose Branding Tool.
  2. You'll see a list of all the Skins that you have created.
    1. To Activate a Skin, check the box on the left next to the appropriate Skin name and choose Activate at the top.
    2. To Delete a Skin, check the box on the left next to the appropriate Skin name and choose Delete at the top right:14.jpg
    3. To Edit, click on the Skin name and you'll be directed to the Edit screen, where you can edit your background images, logos, welcome message and color palette (see How to Create and Customize Your CDSX*)

How to View Your New CDSX*

To see the new CDSX* in action, download the CDSX* app on your iPad that is designated for the customer display.

Below are some images that will help better visualize what the above settings will look like on the Point of Sale.

Full Screen Mode with image as a header at the top: 13.jpgSplit Screen mode. Note how your background image will display on the left side of screen and the customer's order is on the right: 11.jpg

Welcome Message, which displays when the Customer Display is idle: 12.jpg

Using Branding Tool with EMS

As of the 2.51 release, Revel's branding tool can now be used with our Enterprise Management System (EMS). So, you can create skins in one establishment and then push them to other establishments, just as you can with products, employees, etc. To do so:

  1. Make sure your skin is already created in your base establishment using the instructions above. 
  2. Select the establishment group where you want to copy the skin. To do so, navigate to the current establishment name at the top and click on it. Then, from the selection window on the left, choose the appropriate group folder. For more information on EMS functions, please see our Introduction to EMS:

  3. Next, navigate to the Establishment tab, then choose Branding Tool:3.jpg

  4. You’ll see all created skins listed; click on the name of the skin you want to copy to the selected group:2.jpg

  5. You’ll see the option to adjust your Skin settings, should you choose (i.e. the name, screen organization), as seen in the section above, How to Create and Customize Your CDSX*. When ready, press Send.
  6. A prompt will display confirming the location(s) to which you wish to send the skin, including all establishments within the selected group. When you press Confirm, the action is completed:

How to Display Video or Animation Sets on the CDSX*

Merchants can also configure a video or animation set per the existing Customer Display Settings. IMPORTANT: Videos and animation sets are IN PLACE OF a static image. If you have a background image saved in your custom skin, this will suppress any video or animation sets that you have created. If this is the case, please navigate to the Establishment tab and select Branding Tool. Find the skin that you currently have activated and click on it to edit the settings. Scroll down to Background Image and select the trash icon to delete the image:



For more details on setting up a video or animation on your CDSX, please review our Customer Display Screen (CDS) Guide. Videos and animation sets will play in both full screen and split-screen modes, which can be selected under your Custom Skin settings.

After you've made changes, be sure to refresh your Point of Sale station to send the changes to your CDSX*. You should now see your designated Video or Animation.

Adding on a CDSX*

If you do not already have a customer facing display unit and are interested in adding this your package, please contact your sales associate for more information.

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