How to Prompt For Quantity on Products

By Caresse | Updated


If your business sells large quantities of the same item, it is useful to enable Prompt for Quantity. After an item is selected on the Point of Sale, a pop up window will request the quantity amount.

  1. From the Management Console [], navigate to Products. Expand the Category and Subcategories to locate the product you'd like to update. Click the icon to access Product Details:Prompt_1.png
  2. Clear Selections, then enter "prompt" in the search box. Check the box on the left to display the setting on the right. Check the box on the right to Prompt for quantity

  3. When finished, Save.
  4. In order for the changes to take place, refresh the Point of Sale. Select the updated item and you will now be prompted to enter the quantity for that item on the order:IMG_0431.PNG

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