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Revel provides dozens of reports to end users. The Settings Reports functionality allows you to  customize things like your business's peak hours, business start day and time, etc. 

How to Update Report Settings

To customize your report settings:

  1. From the Management Console (, navigate to Settings.
  2. Clear all settings on the left and check the box for Reports
  3. You'll see all available Reporting Settings appear on the right.
    1. Under Week Start, choose the day of the week that your business typically starts. This will be used for reporting purposes so that the first day of each week reflects according to your settings. 
    2. Similarly, you can enter your Day Start Time so that reporting reflects hours accordingly. 
    3. For the next several fields, you have the ability to create up to five different custom Day Parts. This will allow you an additional filter on some of your reports to view sales data by these designated hours, rather than a generic "hourly" report. Check the box to activate a Day Part, then create a Name and the Start Time for that part. Once you create subsequent Day Parts, the first day part will end at the time the second day part begins and so on. 
    4. Dining Options: Check this if you want to see a breakout 
    5. Date Format: Select from the available options your preferred format for dates
    6. Time Format: Select from the available options your preferred format for dates
    7. Override Reporting Mode Defaults: If checked, you can override Revel's defaults for Open and Unpaid orders.  
    8. Include payouts in cash due employee line: If enabled, Revel will include employee Pay Ins and Pay Outs when calculating the Cash due employee line. 
    9. Include non-cash tips in cash due line: If enabled, Revel will include non-cash tips when calculating the Cash due employee line. 
    10. Product mix consignment mode: This option add an additional column on the Product Mix Report that calculates the percentage of sales totals. 
    11. Product mix employee sales mode: Changes the product mix report to the employee who added the item to the order instead of the employee that owns the order. Also adds a breakdown of each employee's sales. 
    12. Show revenue centers in reports: Check this box to see a breakdown of net sales by revenue centers on the Sales Summary. 
    13. Customer insight adjustment: Enter the maximum number of credit payments to consider and the maximum time period to consider for the Customer Insight graph on the Overview Page. NOTE: The transaction pool maximum must be set between 200 to 4000 and the time period must be between 3 and 12 months. 
    14. Cash Office Track Safe Balance: Allows splitting safe counts into Bank Deposits and Safe Balances. If disabled, all monies in the Safe Count must go into the Bank Deposit.  

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