iSMP4 Card Swipe Configuration

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Before using your iSMP4 card swipe, make sure that your device is fully charge and Bluetooth is enabled on the iPad.

If the PIN pad is not already paired with your iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Click the power button on the right of the PIN pad to turn it on:

  2. Press the ‘F’ button 4 times.
  3. Select Change Port.
  4. Select Bluetooth, then Enter (Green button).
  5. Press F1 to save; the PIN pad will restart.
  6. Next, Press the ‘F’ button four times to open Communication Settings:
  1. If there’s nothing listed under Paired Devices (or the device listed is incorrect), select Change Settings.
  2. If there's already a device paired that isn't the right device, select Unpair
  3. If the device listed is correct, you’re ready to begin transacting!
  4. The PIN pad will restart and display BT Pairing Required.
  5. Select iOS.
  6. Choose your iPad from the list of devices and press Enter (Green button).
  7. The iPad will prompt for a connection code; enter the code that appears on the PIN pad and click Pair.
  8. The PIN pad will restart and your iPad will show as connected.
    Note: After successfully pairing the iSMP4 to the iPad it will display This Lane Closed on it's screen. This is expected and is not an error.
  9. Once the PinPad has paired, it will load 2 configuration files:
    This will be indicated by "Downloading EMVCONTACT2.xml" and "Downloading EMVCLESS2.xml" messages on the PinPad screen.
  10. Please wait for the download to complete. This should take a few seconds but please wait up to 1 minute as if you make a transaction before the download is complete, the transaction will fail.

 Not Supported:

  • Mobile OS: iOS only
  • Connectivity: Wifi only
  • Barcode reader


ISMP4 Swipe Keypad Functions:


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