Ingenico iSC250 Payment Terminal Touchscreen Issue

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Some Ingenico iSC250 PIN pads may experience touchscreen alignment problems which make signing with the pen or pressing buttons with your finger difficult.

The iSC250 touchscreen buttons sporadically do not work properly if manually pressed or when using the attached pen for entry—specifically when trying to tap the Yes or No button, an incorrect entry is selected. 



The issue occurs on the Ingenico iSC250 PIN pad touchscreen. 


The iSC250 touchscren is not properly callibrated. 


1. Press and hold the [Clear] and [-] (minus) keys simultaneously on the iSC250 payment terminal to reboot it.
2. When the iSC250 reboots and the grey Retail Base screen appears, press [2], [6], [3], [4], and the [Enter] key.
3. Press the [+] (plus) key to display the functions menu.
4. Select Telium Manager > Initialization > Hardware > Calibration to display the Calibration screen.

**Please Note: Once you enter the Calibration screen, you might receive an 'Unavailable' message.

5. Press [7], [5], [8], [1], and the [Enter] key to recalibrate the payment terminal.
The Calibration successful message appears, indicating that the iSC250 has been recalibrated.


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