How to Use Waitlist/Reservations

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Revel's Waitlist and Reservations function will help you to better manage your guests and their parties by providing them with an estimated wait time as well as the ability to schedule reservations in advance. If you opt to use Twilio Integration, you can also send customers an SMS message with updates regarding their reservations.


How to Add a Customer to a Waitlist

    1. On your table layout screen on your Point of Sale, choose Waitlist option. If you do not see this function, you'll need to contact Revel Support for assistance to get it activated.
    2. If you have any patrons on your waitlist, you'll see see them on the list. Choose the +New Party option to add new patrons to your waitlist. 
    3. To add a new party, input the Type, Party Size and Quoted Wait time on the left:
    4. Under Party Details, input the customer's info. You can do this manually by filling out the fields, inputting at least their Name and Phone Number if you want them to receive SMS notifications with the Twilio Integration. 3.jpgIf the customer is already in your CRM database, you can use the Search function to find them; just click on the magnifying glass icon next to the name field. You can then search by customer name and once you choose a customer, their stored information will automatically populate into the waitlist. Once you find the appropriate customer, choose the Link option to add them to the waitlist: 2.jpg
    5. As your customers are added to your Waitlist or Reservations list on the Point of Sale, you can opt to send automated SMS messages that you preconfigure. However, this only works if you have a Twilio Account and have set that up within your Management Console Settings. For more info on this, please see our article on Twilio Integration.
    6. When you are ready to seat a customer from the waitlist, return to the list and find the appropriate customer. Choose the Seat Party option on the right: 4.jpg
    7. You'll see a list of all available tables. Choose the correct one for seating the customer and press Done5.jpg


How to Add a Customer to Reservations

Adding customers to reservations is a great feature if customers call ahead and want to schedule a table for a later date/time. 

To use reservations: 

  1. On the Point of Sale, navigate to your table layout and choose Reservations at the top. If you do not see this function, you'll need to contact Revel Support for assistance in activating.
  2. Today's date will automatically display with all reservation times. To change the date, use the arrows next to the date to move forward or backwards to find the appropriate date for the reservation. Click on the + on the right to reserve a table for the selected date/time. 10.jpg
  3. Input the reservation info, including the total number of guests in the party. You can add the party name manually by filling out the available fields. Or you can search for the guest name if they are an existing customer in your CRM database; just click on the magnifying glass to search. After the customer's info is added, be sure to click Add to save:
  4. Once the reservation is saved, you'll see the reservation for the specific date and time selected. Use the Pencil icon to Edit the reservation details, Assign to Table, Send a Message (using Twilio Integration) or Delete the reservation entirely:13.jpg


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