Quickbooks online stopped syncing due to account being suspended

By Antanas | Updated


Sometimes the integration stops syncing due to QuickBooks account being suspended. Reasons for it to be suspended:

  1. Subscription for the account was not paid or the payment was late.
  2. Issues with QuickBooks API.
  3. Outages on QuickBooks side.


In order to resume the integration please follow these steps:


  1. In your Quickbooks Online portal: Go to Settings->Account and Settings->Billing & Subscription and confirm if the account is active. If the account is suspended, please contact QuickBooks Online support at (800) 488-7330 for assistance. After the account is unsuspended continue to the next step.
  2. If the account is not suspended then login to your Revel Management Console ([yoursubdomain].revelup.com) and go to Settings->Quickbooks->Quickbooks online integration and click Resume Integration.​​


After the integration is resumed please wait until next day for the information to sync to your account. Any missing data from the last successful sync will transfer to your account overnight.

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