How to Pair iZettle Reader 2

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iOS 10 or higher.
Revel POS 2.48 or higher.


iZettle's newest card reader, iZettle Reader 2 operates by pairing to a device via Low-Energy Bluetooth connection allowing for a much longer battery life compared to its predecessor. However as a result of this, iZettle Reader 2 only supports in-app pairing.

Steps to pair:
1. Make sure your iPad has Bluetooth turned on.
2. In Revel POS, open a new order and add any item to it.
3. Press Pay > Credit.
4. If this is the first time you're using iZettle on a fresh Revel POS installation, you will be asked to login with your iZettle credentials. Otherwise, skip this step.
5. A prompt will appear saying "No card reader connected". Press the green "Connect card reader" button.
6. Select "iZettle Reader 2".

7. At this point, if you haven't already, make sure your iZettle Reader 2 is powered on. You will see a list of detected card readers. Find and tap on your device. Make sure that the 3-digit number matches the one you see on your device's screen.

8. Both the iPad and the iZettle Reader 2 will display a 6-digit PIN. Once you confirm that this pin matches on both devices, Press Confirm on the iPad and press the green checkmark button on the iZettle Reader 2, in any order.

​9. Your iZettle Reader 2 should be paired with the iPad now and request to insert the card. At this point, you can cancel the transaction and void the order that was created as part of this process.

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