How to Reprint Receipts on the Point of Sale

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You can easily reprint receipts on your Point of Sale, should the need arise. This will generate a duplicate copy of a receipt, identical to the initial receipt that was printed.


How to Activate "Manually Print Payment Receipts"

In order to reprint receipts, you must first activate the permission to do so. Follow the steps below to begin:

  1. The person trying to reprint the receipt must have permission to Manually Print Payment Receipts. To determine if activated, on the Management Console [] and navigate to Employees. Choose Permissions on the left and then select POS Role Permissions1.jpg
  2. Under POS Role Permissions, you'll see all permissions that can be activated on the Point of Sale. All the employee roles are listed across the top and permissions are alphabetically along the left. Scroll until you find Manually Print Payment Receipts and check the box to activate for the appropriate roles:
  3. Scroll back to the top and Save.

How to Reprint Receipts on the Point of Sale 

After activating the Manually Print Payment Receipts function, anyone who logs in to the Point of Sale with this role activated will be able to manually reprint receipts. However, you will need some information about the original order to locate it on the station - such as the Order Number, Credit Card Number or Customer Name. To reprint a receipt:

  1. On the Point of Sale, at the top of a New Order, locate the Orders icon. A screen will open and you can search by Order ID or Customer Name
  2. If you click on the ... icon, you can choose Advanced Search to choose from search functions, such as Credit Card and Date Range: 4.jpg
  3. On the Advanced Search, you can search by:
    1. Order ID - If you have the customer's order ID, as printed on their initial receipt, you can search by it to reprint. 
    2. Credit Card - If you have the customer's credit card number that they used for the initial order, you can search by this to find all associated orders. Then, you can select the order that needs reprinted. 
    3. Date Range - Use this to narrow down search results by the date in question to better find the receipt, if Order ID or Credit Card numbers are unavailable. 
    4. Serial Number - This will only appear if you have turned on Support Serial Numbers in your Management Console under Settings > Inventory Settings > Support Serial Numbers:
    5. Once you have located the original order, you'll see it display on the order screen. Click the Pay button at the bottom: 6.jpg
    6. On the Pay screen, choose Reprint at the bottom and your receipt will reprint: 7.jpg

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