How to Place an Order on the Kiosk

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A Kiosk station allows your customers to place orders and/or pay for orders in a self-service manner. This helps alleviate employee resources and can make for a very user-friendly experience for your customers. For menu items to appear on the Kiosk, be sure to follow the instructions on How to Setup Custom Menu for Kiosk

NOTE: You will need to have a separate iPad set up separately as a Kiosk station. This requires a monthly subscription, similar to any other station. Please contact your sales rep if this is something you are interested in.

How to Place an Order on the Kiosk

  1. In order for customers to have access to the Kiosk, you must first sign in to the Point of Sale. Enter your PIN on the login screen and select Login:
  2. Going forward, your customers will see your business logo (if uploaded) on the home screen and throughout the Kiosk. To adjust your logo and other Kiosk features, please see our Kiosk Settings article.

    If you have a Loyalty Program, customers can choose the Account option at the top right to login using their credentials. If they have not registered, they can choose to Continue as Guest3.jpgIf they choose Account on the home screen, they can choose to either Sign In and enter their credentials or they can Register for a new account:2.jpg
  3. If you do not have a loyalty program, customers will be taken directly to the Ordering Screen. Your menu will display on the left by Categories, Subcategories and Products:4.jpg
  4. Below each menu item are two options: Customize and Add to Order.
    1. CUSTOMIZE can be used if you have any Modifiers associated with products. When this is selected, customers will be able to choose which modifiers they want to add or remove from the order. If this option is greyed out, it means you do not have any associated Modifiers.

      When Customize is selected, all available modifiers will display on screen. If you have multiple modifier classes associated with the product, those will appear as tabs at the top of the screen. Customers can choose to decrease and increase the amount of modifiers using the - and + on the left.

      In addition, customers can input Special Instructions and, when finished, choose Add to Order for the item to be added:
    2. ADD TO ORDER: For items that DO NOT have any modifiers assigned or if customers do not want to make modifications, they can choose the Add to Order option. From here, they can add Special Instructions or simply Add to Order7.jpg
  5. If your menu item is part of a Combo, the customer will be prompted Would you like to make it a Combo? If they choose Yes, they'll be asked for more specifics regarding the combo (i.e. what type of chips and/or soda do they want to add). If they choose No, they will return to the ordering screen:6.jpg
  6. When ready, customers will choose Check Out to begin finalizing their order. On the Checkout & Pay screen, they can make any last adjustments to their orders, including decreasing or increasing quantities (- or +), Edit (to make changes to modifiers or special instructions) or Delete the item from the order completely. Once they have confirmed the order, they'll select Next:   8.jpg
  7. On the Payment screen, customers will see all available payment options. NOTE: If you want to add a Cash option (as seen below), you can activate this from the Management Console [] following the instructions in Kiosk Settings. The same is true for Gift Cards and other payment options: 9.jpg
  8. After selecting the appropriate Payment Option, customers will be prompted for their form of payment. Once the payment has completed, they will get a final order confirmation: 10.jpg



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