How to Manage Employee Roles and Permissions

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In order for employees to have access to the Point of Sale, you must set up the Roles and Permissions you want to assign to each employee. This will indicate the level of access that an employee has on the Point of Sale. You will set up roles based on employees positions, such as Manager, Owner, Server, Bartender, etc. and then designate the Permissions for each role. That way, everyone that is a "Manager" will have the same level of access. 


How to Create an Employee Role 

To create a new Employee Role: 

    1. On your Management Console [], navigate to Employees and choose Roles. You'll see all Roles that have previously been created. To add a new Role, click +Role at the bottom of the list: 2-1.jpg
    2. You will be prompted to input the Role Name and Department.

      Role is what will designate the employee's permission (see How to Set up Permissions for Employee Roles below).

      Department will help you to determine labor in one department versus another. For example, if you have both Front of House and Back of House "departments", you can look at various Labor Reports to determine if you have the flexibility to send an employee home in one of the departments or if you need to staff those departments more heavily.

      You can choose from the drop-down of departments that have already been created, or if you need to add a new department, click on +Add New at the top of the list: 2-2.jpg

How to Edit a Role

After a role is created, if you need to edit the title of a role, simply click on the name of the role and make adjustments. Save when finished: 2-5.jpg

How to Set up Permissions for Employee Roles

After your Roles have been created, you now to need to set up Permissions for what your employees can and cannot do on the Point of Sale. To do so: 

  1. On your Management Console [], navigate to Employees and choose Permissions, then POS Role Permissions:2-3.jpg
  2. All Roles will display across the top of the page and all Permissions will show on the left. Ensure you are thorough with your employee permission so that employees have the access you want them to on the Point of Sale.

    You'll notice there are permissions here for things like Comping Orders, Manager Permissions (running reports, batch process, etc.), and much more. Once you set these permissions, they will be highlighted with a blue check mark to indicate they have been selected. You can choose to activate every permission by using the checkbox at the very top of a role to Select All Permissions. When finished, press Save:2-4.jpg
  3. Refresh the Point of Sale to ensure all changes have taken effect. 

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