How to Push Settings in EMS

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Revel's Enterprise Management Software (EMS) allows you the ability to apply identical Management Console Settings across all establishments.


How to Manage Settings for Multiple Establishments:

  1. Login as an administrator on the Management Console [].
  2. Click on the current establishment at the top of the page. Ensure that you are on the Global level by choosing the folder labeled All Establishments with the total number of establishments in parenthesis. Additionally, if you have created custom groups for establishments, you can pick a Group instead of the global level. For more on this, please review EMS Establishment Hierarchy Tree
    (Note: The name of the folder may be different if you have renamed it but it will always be the first one in the list with the total number of establishments in parentheses):
  3. Once the global folder is selected, navigate to Settings.
  4. A few helpful tips to keep in mind:
    1. Only certain settings can be pushed between establishments, so not all settings will be visible at the global level. If you do not see the settings at the Global Level, you will need to edit each establishment individually. This is for security purposes (i.e. tax settings, etc.).
    2. Use Clear Selections and/or Search to find particular settings you want to manage.
    3. Activate/deactivate settings according to your business needs. As you make changes to your settings, these are highlighted in blue:2.jpg
      HELPFUL TIP: It's good practice to set up all your Settings in your Base Establishment first. Then, when you navigate to your Global EMS Folder and go to Settings, you will see all the settings created on your base establishment. Any changes you make to Settings at the global level will then push to all other establishments, duplicating the ones you have set on the base.
  5. Save when finished.

How to Lock Settings for Establishments

The lock option that appears on the left of each setting acts as a lock for establishment settings. Any setting that is locked cannot be edited by an employee at the Establishment Level, unless they have EMS access.

  1. To lock a Setting, simply click on the padlock on the right for a particular setting.
  2. You will see the padlock go from open  to closed .
  3. When finished, press Save and all changes will push to all establishments.

NOTE: If you lock or unlock a Setting and/or make changes to a Setting by activating or deactivating, when you select Save, everything gets pushed at the same time and are pushed to all establishments.


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