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New Features in 2.51: Management Console

  • In store to store transfers, you will now only be able to receive equal to or less than the inventory count than was sent. This will provide better proper inventory controls and reduce inaccurate inventory counts, due to human error.
  • If you've integrated QuickBooks Online (QBO) with multiple locations, you can easily limit access for different establishments.
  • New sections have been added to Payment Summary Report so user can easily view the cash transactions in order to see when large bills are taken by employees.
  • Revel's Physical Inventory, now known as Stocktake, has undergone a full redesign. New features include:
    • New concept of store sections
    • New UI for creating stocktakes
    • New UI for stocktakes in progress
    • New flow for requesting stocktake recounts
    • New stocktaking math and logic
    • Replacement of Physical Inventory report

New Features in 2.51: Delivery Management

New Features in 2.51: Online Ordering

  • New field in online ordering to track specific delivery instructions with specific customer addresses. This feature is already available in the CRM but will now extend to Online Ordering, which will allow customers to be more specific with their delivery instructions (i.e. add PIN codes for gates or house colors, etc.) and save the information for future transactions.
  • Clarification of text for online ordering, including:
    • Removal of the "unavailable" tag and clarifying a reason why a product may not be available at the desired time (i.e. a breakfast item outside of breakfast hours).
    • When a customer adjusts their time picker or dining type, the system will make it clear how these changes affect their order (i.e. a carryout order for breakfast items may not be available if the customers wants to pick up at noon).
  • New hosted checkout functionality (currently FreedomPay, Vaniv/Mercury, USAePay), that includes an informational pop-up (non-tokenized payments only) explicitly states the customers order type, email address, pickup or delivery time, as well as any new points earned and total rewards balance.

New Features in 2.51: Labor Management

New Features in 2.51: Loyalty

New Features in 2.51: Revel Assist

Enhancements in 2.51


  • Expedite and tile expedite views now show all items coming into the kitchen, regardless of prep time. This feature gives managers and key employees a full picture of items coming into the kitchen.

Management Console

  • Enhancements to the Product Mix report improve loading speed and allow for faster and more efficient searches within the report.
  • The Adjustment Report now shows the name of the manager who approved each void, return, comp, or delete.
  • On the Payroll summary, the Non-Cash Tips column now shows adjusted tip totals.

Labor Management

  • Dedicated paid break times now only allocate money to the paid time.

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