How to Restrict Employee's Ability to Transfer Orders

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Note: this article refers to features in version 2.51, which you may not be using yet. Here's how software updates work with Revel:

  • Your Management Console will automatically upgrade to the newest version in early June. No action is required!
  • Your new Revel Point of Sale app will be available shortly after that. Once it's available, head here for update instructions.

With Version 2.51, it's now possible to limit an employee's ability to transfer their own orders.

This is specifically designed as an extra security measure to prevent fraud, theft of cash sales, and "floating" checks.

How to Restrict Ability to Transfer Orders

To restrict or grant the ability to transfer orders:

  1. On the Management Console ([yoursubdomain], go to the Employees tab.
  2. Click Permissions:

  3. Click POS Role Permissions:

  4. Once on the POS Role Permissions page, find Transfer Orders.
  5. Check this permission for all roles that are able to transfer orders on the point of sale.
  6. Leave this unchecked for all roles that are not able to transfer orders on the point of sale:

  7. Click Save:

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