How to Control Printing of Clock in/out Receipts

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Note: This article refers to features in version 2.51, which you may not be using yet. Here's how software updates work with Revel:

  • Your Management Console will automatically upgrade to the newest version in early June. No action is required!
  • Your new Revel Point of Sale app will be available shortly after that. Once it's available, head here for update instructions.

Previously, all clock in and clock out receipts printed automatically. With the 2.51 update, you can now decide if you want these to print or not. If you make no changes to these settings, chits will continue to print by default. To adjust your settings, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Management Console [], navigate to Settings. Clear Selections and search for Print Clock in/clock out receipts. Check the box on the left in order for the setting to appear on the right. 
  2. When the setting appears on the right, you will see three options appear in the drop-down: Always, Offline Only and Never:

    • Always: Chits will print all the time, for each employee clock in and clock out. This is the default option.
    • Offline Only: No chit will print if the server can be contacted. If the server cannot be contacted, then a chit will print for the employee to keep as confirmation. 
    • Never: Chits will never print clock in/clock out receipts.
  3. Save when finished.
  4. Refresh each Point of Sale station for changes to take affect.

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