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Management Console

Management Console Basics


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Products: Combos & Custom Menus

Products: Discounts

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Products: Modifiers

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Products: Matrix

Products: Ingredients & Recipes

Products: Taxes

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Products: Other


Inventory: Products & Ingredients

Inventory: Vendors, Purchase Orders, Reorders, and RMAs

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Inventory: Transfers

Inventory: Physical Inventory


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Employees: Roles & Permissions


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Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

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Additional Features: Delivery Management & Catering

Additional Features: Gift Cards

Additional Features: Loyalty/Rewards

Additional Features: Online Ordering

Additional Features: Reservations

Settings: Basic POS Settings

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Settings: Advanced POS Settings

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Settings: Quick Service, Table Service, and Retail

Settings: Receipts

Settings: Payments

Settings: Email Address

Settings: Other